A10 Mental Health Awareness Week #A10STRONG

Above, you will notice a tweet from the University of Richmond. This week is the A10 (Atlantic 10) Mental Health Awareness Week which is often promoted across the Atlantic 10 Athletic Conference college campuses. Small efforts like the one you see above normalize and reduce the stigma of mental health amongst our world. As someone who is looking to pursue a career in how mental health plays a pivotal role in athletics, this is encouraging to see current institutions also passionate about this bond between mental health and athletics. College athletes struggle every day with a variety of things ranging from time managment to dealing with the pressures of being an athlete. It is important that athletic organizations and departments place the same emphasis on mental health as they do physical health. I applaud the Atlantic 10 for designing a whole week into raising awareness for mental health and helping reduce the stigma. My hope is that other schools and organizations will follow the lead of the Atlantic 10 as each effort is another step forward.

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