Another Update

After doing further research and work on both my article and project I have found my topics to be flourishing.

In the past week I have developed and finalized many of my sources for the research article. I was able to even find an article written by a former professor here at Plymouth State University. The article highlighted many of the differences and similarities between two elite female and male runners struggling with eating disorders. The article was written by Rebecca Busanich as well as two of her colleagues and titled: Comparing Elite Male and Female Distance Runner’s Experiences of Disordered Eating Through Narrative Analysis.  Another source I found was from the NCAA which highlighted and simplified what eating disorders are and what the NCAA can do to help be part of the solution.

This week I was able to put up a bulletin board as the first part of my project. This board highlighted key core workouts and suggested a specific core workout. This was an awesome way to help students out as well as show what I have learned in course work. I will be tracking how many workout forms are taken and hopefully need to refill the folder soon! Here is the link to part of the bulletin board that was posted this week in the Blair Fitness Facility! BB1-Core

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