Applied Project Prospectus and Timeline

For my applied project I will be working with Residential Life to create a more well and wholesome experience for students utilizing the Blair Hall fitness facility. My project will be creating multiple projects as I provide students with workouts they are able to do in the fitness facility, office hours as a resource, research and data collection about gym usage and improvements to be made. My large question I will be looking to answer is what ways can we improve the mental and physical health of first-year students using the Blair Hall fitness facility? I want to do this project and explore this topic because I am passionate about exercise and mental health. I feel as though first year students have the hardest time adjusting and exercising during college. I am very passionate about Residential Life as I have worked in the department for four years and therefore I also want to explore ways to help these students. I also think this is an awesome opportunity to be a manager of a fitness facility, since there is no supervision or structure in this facility right now. Erica Burke, the Community Director, has given me the ability to do what I want with the space, so it is an awesome opportunity to really make this my own.

This project incorporates both exercise and psychological aspects of my IDS degree. I will obviously be coming up with a variety of different exercises and physical ways to help students but will also be using these strategies to improve the mental health of students. Offering other tips on self-care and the importance of a healthy mind will be targets of discussion throughout my project. During my time this semester I will be visiting the fitness facility quite often as well as doing a lot of little projects. Below I have a detailed outline of what I plan to accomplish during the semester. To document this project, I will be taking lots of pictures as well as posting data and research I am doing on my ePort. I believe this project will be able to evaluate this project by using feedback from Erica Burke as well as showing data trends throughout the semester (both qualitative and quantitative).

I will be using resources from the library databases as well as creating my own data. I will keep in contact with Erica Burke for this project as well as the Residential Life Director Chuck Crawford. There is a challenge of this project since this space is not widely advertised as well as many first-year students are hesitant to exercise especially without an exercise partner. No matter how this project ends up I know it will be successful because I am able to create my own path as well as help students.


Oct. 10 Inventory of Gym and Create Sign Up Sheet

Oct. 12 Bulletin Board 1

Oct. 17 Check in on Space

Oct. 24 Data Collection on Fitness Facility deadline and office hours in fitness facility

Oct. 26 Bulletin Board 2

Oct. 31 Check in on space

Nov. 7 Check in on space and office hours in fitness facility

Nov. 9 Bulletin Board 3

Nov. 14 Check in on space

Nov. 28 Program

Nov. 30 Final Bulletin Board 4

Dec. 3 Final Presentation at Frost House

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