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I am working on the topic of mental health challenges faced amongst college student athletes because I want to find out the biggest issues in order to help my reader understand better the solutions, treatments, and experiences of these college student athletes. There are many reasons I am interested in this topic, however, the biggest being I am a college student-athlete who struggles with mental health. I think a lot of athletes are held to the expectation that they have to be mentally tough, however, struggle the most. Injuries are a huge part of sport and we often think about the physical effects of the injury, but neglect the mental effects. Other challenges student-athletes face include but are not limited to disordered eating, stress, and anxiety. I am interested in diving into these challenges to better understand what we can do to be part of the solution, what treatments are available to these athletes, and lastly inform the public of what student-athletes go through every day. I am writing to not only inform the general public, but to inform higher educators, coaches, and parents of the issues faced. I think it is extremely important that professors, coaches, and parents sending their students away to college knowing what can happen and what treatments are available.

Guiding my research is what is the best forms of treatment and what actually happens in the brain. Some databases that will be helpful are “Academic Search Premier” as well as “PsycINFO”. Some key terms are:

  • Intercollegiate Athletics
  • Brain and Spinal Injuries
  • Mental Illness
  • Disordered Eating
  • Rehabilitation

My timeline while still loose right now is on track. I plan to have research done by October 8th. Following the completion of research, I will complete one part of the paper (about a page and a half) every 4 days until November. This will allow for revision and editing to take place and completion of the paper by Thanksgiving break.

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2 Replies to “RA Prospectus”

  1. This research focus seems really interesting and maybe you can promote athlete mental health awareness around campus! In high school, I played sports year around, but I quit when I came to PSU. Doing that, I lost what I was good at and lost my confidence. I had a hard time getting used to the adult life, but now I have found my hobby: running! I always read how important exercise is and I agree. I feel happiest when I am exercising. I actually started a sport at PSU and it was way too stressful so I quit. I can understand struggles athletes may have because of time management and change.
    Good luck with researching! I am curious to see where it goes.

  2. Hi Kennedy!
    This seems like a really interesting topic to research and seeing how you have a personal connection with it will make it all the more fun to dive into. I love learning about mental health and I love sports so I think that automatically means I’m going to love your paper. LOL. Anyway, I think this a very relevant topic and will definitely turn out great!

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