Resources for College Student-Athletes

This week I really focused on my feelings regarding the issue of athletes with eating disorders in college. I think an essential part of research is being able to reflect on your own thoughts and feelings and brainstorm your own ideas and/or solutions. I believe the largest issue in this situation is the lack of resources at colleges. We see at big universities that there are often psychologists and team mental health coaches, but the issue is most universities are not this size nor have the budget. Having sport psychologists and counselors specifically for athletes I believe is beneficial since many athletes deal with different issues and pressures that the normal student does not face. Reflecting on what resources we have PSU, we have many resources, but do not have specialized resources for athletes. On campus, PSU offers the counseling center to students which includes individual therapy as well as group therapy. Other mental health services that PSU offers is Lakes Region Mental Health, which offers discounts to students of PSU. Health Services will also provide medication to students at PSU for mental health issues. I believe PSU offers many services to its students, but more specific for student-athletes is what is needed to make our mental health care here better. I also feel as though having a nutritionist on campus that is specifically trained to help with the recovery of eating disorders would be beneficial to all students. We have a nutritionist in the dining hall, but not one for student athletes, let alone anyone on campus that has the specific skills to help any student with an eating disorder. My hope is that PSU will continue to move forward with the services they offer as well as other universities will see the importance of having specific resources for student-athletes.

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