Final Applied Project Article

For my final applied project article, I have collected a series of pictures and materials that I have worked on developed throughout this past semester. The goal of all these materials was to update, improve, and promote the Blair Fitness Facility as well as show students the benefit of exercising as it relates to mental health. My large goal was to service the students and better their experience in the Blair Hall Fitness Facility. Ultimately, all these small efforts led to one large event in which I was able to sit down with students are receive feedback on my work as well as talk to them about exercising and mental health. Below I have divided my applied project experience into five sections based on process I went through over the semester.


To begin the preparation of my project I went and did an inventory of the space as well as took some pictures of the space as it was presented to me.

Blair Gym Inventory

The space is fairly large and included various pieces of equipment as outlined in the inventory. The reason doing this inventory was so crucial to the success of the project was in order to create effective workouts for students I wanted to create them around the equipment available in the Blair Fitness Facility.

Bulletin Boards

Over the semester I was able to create three bulletin boards in the Blair Fitness Facility. Each of the bulletin boards created targeted a different muscle group as well as I made extra workout plans for students to take with them. Below are pictures from the first bulletin board I presented which was based on the core muscles!

Materials for this bulletin board can also be found using this link: BB1-Core

I also created two workout plans for the arm and leg muscles which can be found using these links: BB2-Arm BB3-Legs

I found that many of the copies of the workout plans went fairly quickly and usually within about two weeks I would need to refill the folder with more workouts. For each workout I printed 25 copies for students to take. On average during the first week there was about 15 copies taken leaving 10 extra. I thought this was really effective as students could take the workouts from the bulletin boards and do them in their rooms or when they went home for the weekend. Each exercise was explained clearly on the bulletin board using key phrases to explain as well as pictures to visually show the exercise.

Information Presented

Throughout the semester I tried to present a variety of facts to students using flyers, brochures, and talking with students in the facility when I did my check-ins of the space. I created these flyers and brochures as a way for students to get more information about mental health and its connection to exercise as I believe many students are unaware of the connection. These artifacts sparked a lot of conversation with students and many of them asking me questions about resources on campus as well as places to find workout plans or self-lead yoga sessions. Talking with students was one of the most beneficial parts of this project and really helped me having those living learning and teaching moments with students. Below you can find links to some of the flyers and brochures I created to educate students!


Tips for a Better Workout

Another part of my project was working with the Community Director, Erica Burke, to create a wish list for the space in order to better serve the community. I went online and found the best and most cost-efficient products and have since shared this with CD Burke in hopes that she will be able to obtain some of these pieces for the space. Many of the ideas of what to put on the wish list I got from residents of Blair Hall who used the facility often. Many requested more variety in dumbbell weights as well as mirrors to see themselves while working out. Here is a link to the wish list I was able to create: Wishlist

In addition to working with Community Director Erica Burke, we also discussed creating more flyers for the space to talk about the equipment in the facility. I made posters for the cardio machines which also included facts! Here is a link to those posters: Equipment Info. Sheets

“Let’s Talk about Wellness” Final Event

As a conclusion to my applied project I held a session of talking to students about the updates made to the facility as well as what other updates they would like to see done. I promoted the facility and gave out any information I had to offer. This was also a great way to talk to students about the IDS program and the projects we do. It was great to talk to students about the freedom I had in choosing my project and how this was truly something built from passion.

Overall, I would say this event was very successful and I received a lot of great feedback from students. I was also able to connect with students I previously spoke with and catch up on their progress. It was really encouraging to see so many students passionate about both exercise and mental health!

Here is a link to the flyer I used to promote the Blair Fitness Facility and get residents to attend my event!  Lets Talk About Wellness

What I Gained from This Experience

From this experience I learned so many things especially how to manage and promote a space. As someone who is passionate about health, both physical and mental I found this project very rewarding. Being able to speak with students and share information about something I’m passionate about is extremely humbling. I hope that I have impacted the students as much as they have impacted me.

Another skill I gained from this experience was the ability to create something fun using the material I learned in class. In my field of exercise, it is crucial that I am able to explain not only exercises, but scientific material to people in a way that is understandable and can easily be applied to their lives. Whether that is through conversations, information boards, or writing materials I have learned how to convey my message in a unique and understandable way.

Bulletin Board #2

This past week has been an exciting week for me as I have really been absorbing all I am able to learn in my project. I was able to put up a second bulletin board focusing on the toning and strengthening of the arms (BB2-Arm). I was also able to create an inventory and wishlist for the fitness facility and am now researching ways to get the equipment as well as what physical and mental benefits this would bring to students. With this connection between mind and body, I have created an informational flyer to educate students about the connection between mind and body.

Building A Strong Core: Bulletin Board Week One

This week I focused on creating a simple workout that targeted the core and their supporting muscles. I created a two-week core workout that will guide students through these exercises. I left 20 copies of this workout on the bulletin board and will be checking in every few days to hopefully refill this part of the board! I am hoping as well to get some time this week to speak with students and guide them through the workout! Here is the link to the information: BB1-Core