Exercise and Psychological Sciences PLN: At the Forefront of Research and Knowledge

A personal learning network, also known as a PLN, to me is a network of knowledge. It is a network you create as a rising professional to better your understanding within your field of study. Within my PLN, I have chosen to follow on Twitter different professionals within higher education as well as organizations, journals, and fellow classmates who will expand my understanding of exercise and psychological sciences. Within my PLN are different disciplines such as Occupational Therapy, Psychology, Sports Medicine, Higher Education, and Physical Therapy. I have chosen all these different fields to be included in my PLN since they all help me understand the human mind and body more fully. On Twitter I follow, retweet, and comment on a variety of professional pages such as Evidence in Motion, Robin DeRosa, Psychology Today, American Occupational Therapy Association, and the Korey Stringer Institute.

CC By: Xiaobin Liu https://flic.kr/p/7sqhef

After a semester’s worth of work, of tweeting and reading and emerging myself within my PLN, I have compiled a file of my best tweets and most valuable information gained. These tweets were all hand selected as they gave me insight about the mind and body. Much of the mind comes from higher education and being able to think differently about the way we learn. I was able to follow some of the leaders in higher education as well as my classmates who show the same passion for education as I do. By following the link (https://storify.com/kjm1022/my-plm.html) you are able to see all of the knowledge I was able to gain from this semester as well as organizations I can learn more from and hopefully use to help guide me in the future.

What I gained from my PLN was not just a twitter feed filled with articles, but a twitter feed filled with enriching literature that will help me have a more interdisciplinary view of my field. Being able to understand all aspects of the mind and body is extremely important to one’s rehabilitation and being able to see experts in all fields release their research and have the most up to date research is extremely beneficial. One of the most beneficial aspects of my PLN is having an insight on today’s biggest issues and how they are being dealt with such as the Flint Water Crisis and global warming. There is so much research being done on topics like these such as the effect climate change is having on both the mental and physical health of humans. As I built my PLN and continue to build my PLN, I am able to be at the forefront of this research to better understand my current and future studies.

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