Making Growth Together

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Interdisciplinary studies is like a secret community within our crazy world in which we live in. What is so cool about this community is that there is so much to explore and learn about our world that we are solving collaboratively. In a recent edition of the European Journal of Social Theory, Dr. Arjomand wrote about how interdisciplinary studies is rising quickly and significantly helping with research in the field of social science. Dr. Arjomand talks about how there is so much research in specific areas of social sciences, but as scholars begin to collaborate we are learning so much more about our culture and society. Below, Dr. Arjomand talks about the significant contribution interdisciplinary studies is making to our understanding of development patterns around the world.


“The recent interdisciplinary studies I have surveyed offer a significant contribution to our theoretical understanding of developmental patterns distinctive of different world regions, and thus pave the way to redeeming the promise of comparative sociology, and thereby to undoing the erasure of the historical experience of a very sizeable portion of humankind from the foundations of social theory” (Arjomand 302).


This idea of paving the way for further research and understanding is one of the main draws for me in regards to interdisciplinary studies. Reading articles like this gets me excited to do research and learn as much as possible about issues we face in today’s world. Even early in my interdisciplinary career, professors have challenged me to think about issues from different aspects and with a critical world eye. I have been pushed to think about issues with less tunnel vision and with more than one dimension, but rather with as many dimensions as possible.

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Dr. Arjomand also touched upon the idea of comparing and contrasting larger ideas to come up with solutions and/or understand society better. “The enormous growth of interdisciplinary studies is in no small part due to their multifocal approach, which reveals different aspects of a single phenomenon and thus 302 European Journal of Social Theory 20(2) invites comparisons and contrasts” (Arjomand 302-303). Dr. Arjomand’s main point in this quote is to achieve growth by focusing on multiple aspects of the single topic being explored. One way to look at the issues from multiple views is to compare and contrast thoughts. We as a community can learn so much by comparing not only literature, but thoughts between colleagues. Growth will not happen alone, but rather an effort from all members of the community. If we can collaborate on our research and thoughts we can make some significant discoveries together.


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  1. I like the way you mine this specific scholarly article to find the general ways that it connects to your own ideas about interdisciplinary education. You are doing SUCH great work these days reframing education in really unique and empowering ways, and I hope you continue to write about how interdisciplinary and student-centered approaches to learning should be integrated into university programs and curricula. It’s a pleasure to read the work you have been doing lately!

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