Melting Pot of Disciplines

Recently Plymouth State University has partnered with the Bank of New Hampshire to enhance the newly opened AllWell North Building. This partnership was not only between Plymouth State Administration and the Bank of New Hampshire, but also between Plymouth State Athletics and Plymouth State Academics and the Plymouth community.

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This partnership is a clear example of transdisciplinarity work within the community as a company from outside of Plymouth State is helping Plymouth State University. This partnership has increased quality in athletic facilities as well as funds for classrooms, conferences, and other events held in AllWell North. This building will also be used for community walks and other activities since the funds help provide for more staff to maintain the building. Knowledge from business personnel, athletics, as well as administrators were all essential in the building of this partnership and creating the plan for improvements in the buildings. This collaboration is a perfect example of multi-disciplinarity work being done not only for the institution, but for the community.

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Without the effort from all of these different groups the improvements would have been made with considerations to all different disciplines. Reaching across the disciplines allowed for funds to be used to benefit all areas of need from hosting conferences and commencement to collegiate athletic and community events. Receiving input from different people with different backgrounds allows for expansion for the good of all people and creation of a place that is a true melting pot of disciplines and/or interests.

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4 Replies to “Melting Pot of Disciplines”

  1. Kennedy, the multi- and transdisciplinary work done to better the facilities at PSU was a great topic to choose for an IDS success story. It is truly a mix between these two concepts because multiple disciplines and stakeholders from outside the university were included to create a new collaborate space for students, student athletes, and conferences etc. Excellent work!

  2. I like that you chose to write about something close to home with the PSU community. The field house is a great addition and is also a great place for the Plymouth State graduation! It is to multi-purposeful and definitely wouldn’t have become what it is without the help of multiple disciplines. Good job 🙂

  3. This is such an interesting example of a community working together from many different aspects. It is exciting to see the different organizations help to take action and help Plymouth grow as a school and community.

  4. I like that you are interested in both the multidisciplinarity involved with our cluster initiative (different academic departments and disciplines merging expertise) and the transdisciplinarity aspects as well (nonacademic stakeholders who contribute to the collaboration in crucial ways). You use the language of our course to articulate the constellations of relationships that make this kind of partnership so valuable. Nicely done!

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