PLN Portfolio: Senior Year Edition

As my college career comes to a close, I begin to reflect on my time at Plymouth State as well as my time as an Interdisciplinary Studies student. Part of this reflection begins with my personal learning network (PLN). When I first embarked on my journey as an IDS student, I did not even know what a PLN was let alone how to create such a thing. With the help of many friends, professors, and amazing IDS staff I was able to receive the guidance and encouragement needed to create my PLN.

For my PLN this past semester, I originally attempted to create a LinkedIn account, however, I was really unsure of how to use this for my field and it did not prove effective nor something often used in my field. Therefore, I chose to step away from the usage of LinkedIn and focus more on Twitter as a platform for my PLN.

My career goals since the IDS introduction course have changed quite a bit from Occupational Therapy to Sport Psychology in Higher Education. With this change came a change in my PLN. I followed many athletic conferences and organizations across the United States and globe as well as some of the leaders in today’s field of sport psychology. I often used posts from these connections on Twitter to fuel my passion for my own ePort posts.

Below you will find many of my tweets this semester that I either felt very proud of or gained attention from other members in my PLN.

This specific tweet gained lots of attention within my PLN and I was very proud of myself as it showed all the effort I have made while on my IDS journey as paid off. This tweet was retweeted by a leading behavioral health expert and the Atlantic 10 Athletic Conference. This tweet was also liked by many people including the Fordham Student-Athlete Advisory Council.

Retweeting and bringing awareness to mental health issues both related to sport and not was something I focused heavily on while continuing to build my PLN this past semester.


I also enjoyed celebrating my successes because of the IDS department!


Plymouth State Athletics does a great job promoting different organizations and raising money for charity. I used my PLN to promote some of these events as well as encourage others to take the same steps forward in combating today’s large issues with sport.

Promoting my own ePort posts was another great way to get my ideas out to my PLN while also continuing to develop ideas and passion for my work.


As someone who wants to work in higher education, I found it very beneficial to follow and retweet what the pioneers and leaders in this field were exploring and talking about.

Looking at large mental health initiatives and promoting these events as a way to build my PLN allowed me to explore today’s up and coming ideas of how to combat issues such as addiction.

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