Technology in Higher Education Article Refelection

The first article, “The Web We Need to Give Students” by Audrey Watters, was a very relatable article as well as shed light on how we can use technology to better not only our society, but education. Often, I feel the younger generation is often shamed for their use of technology, when we can use technology in a positive light. Students can create their own domain and watch themselves grow over the duration of their career. Students can make connections with those already in the field they are choosing to pursue as well as enrich their education at the same time. “The importance of giving students responsibility for their own domain cannot be overstated’ (Watters). I think this is an extremely relevant quote to furthering the use of technology in education as we continue to pursue different ways to utilize technology to connect with others in our field.
The second article, “A Personal Cyberinfrastructure” by Gardener Campbell, was article that really made me think a lot about the Plymouth State University style of education. Plymouth State has a unique cluster and integrative approach to education that propels students into their futures. Campbell said it best when they stated “Higher Education, which should be in the business of thinking the unthinkable” (Campbell). This is the idea that I believe is pushing forward the concept of integrative clusters as we as a university think past the typical college education experience.
The third article, “Do I Own My Domain If You Grade It?” by Andrew Rikard, points out a very interesting idea that if students feel graded there is instantly that pressure to impress one person. However, our education should not be based on the what one person values, but rather what we as students can grow from. Giving students this sense of ownership I believe will give them a sense of pride and feel as though there is a deep value in their education. If students can see clear benefits and rewards from their hard work, then the likely hood that they will be more productive in society and in their careers, is extremely likely. However, students need not to learn in fear of a red pen grading every single item they produce in college.

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One Reply to “Technology in Higher Education Article Refelection”

  1. This is a great post! I like your specificity, but I also like the way you tie the articles to your own experiences of how your generation’s use of technology is perceived and judged.

    You’re off and running! On Monday, we will talk about how to hotlink the article titles so that your readers can link right to the work that you are discussing, which will make your posts even better!

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